Xiamen Tangzong Industrial Co,.Ltd is located in the island of the beautiful and coastal city of Xiamen and our production workshop is in Dabanyang industrial zone of Pinghe county,Zhangzhou, neighbour of Xiamen. Our main products include bamboo & wooden kitchenware,such as chopsticks, chopstick holders, cutting boards, bowls,spoons, trays,knife racks,rolling pins,shovels,etc., Among them,the kind of chopstick with baking after printing arts is our specials. The products quality are controlled strictly with ISO9001(Certificate awarded) .

Now our production volume is stable with the skilled staffs and we have been more than 15 years experiences in the field.

We have been always spreading the refinement culture to the clients via our products. Today, chopsticks are not as the simple dining utensils, but a kind of distinctive culture and civilization spirit.Also it becomes the arts combined with research,use,enjoying,presenting and collection.

Everyday life starts from your mind

Life is so hurry,we need enjoy ourselves in normal.

With the natural property,human and bamboo are both come from the nature.Bamboo has been always changing regularly or irregularly.The refreshing nature and natural grain give us pleasant surprises.
Raw food and cooked food with their own board brings us health and convenience.

Water can not flow out with the channels

Enjoy Tang Chopstick, bring yourself back to the nature.