The implied meaning of presenting chopsticks II

Release time:2017-04-26 10:59:54

The direct significance of presenting chopsticks

  In Chinese,chopsticks have the smilar prononciation as "happiness"
  The traditional square upper and round underpart chopsticks
  implied meaning:Round sky,square ground and lasting forever!
  As a gift to the newlyweds
  implied meaningIn pairs,inseparable,two in one,giving birth to a noble child as soon as possible.
  Presenting to who moves into a new house or apartment.
  implied meaning:To  obtain fortune in a short time, happily moving.
  Presenting to your partner
           implied meaning: The good business moral of cooperation with good credit and double-win. It means good cooperation and insparable,symbolizing your taste,fashion and your positions.
  Presenting to your friends
  implied meaning: Two trees can be forest,sharing joys and sorrows each other,good news comes together,living in peace,take care of them everyday.
  Presenting to children
  implied meaning: To grow up as soon as possible
  Presenting to the old
  implied meaning: Long live,happiness
  Presenting to the foreigners
  implied meaning:  The tradional Chinese culture,long standing

    It has different implied meanings with different designs
  Dragon design:Dragon:The king of animals,Phoenix:The king of the birds;a dragon and a phoenix rejoicing,It is the traditional presents best for the newlyweds.
  Merlin bamboo chrysanthemum design:They are called "four gentlemen " with their pure and lofty and modest and open-minded, which stands for Chinese people's national integrity and gentleman's deme,best for teachers, the elder, leaders and friends.
  Lion design:Everything goes well,symbolizing the power and position.
  The Eight Immortals crossing the sea design:Lucky、wisdom and success.
  The shell design:In the ancient, the shell was acted as currency,It standed for weath.
  The fish design:平步青云,前程大好;年年有余、富贵有余;金玉满堂,吉庆有余;鱼的筷子和鱼的筷架就是:愉快的意思。